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What About the Other 90%??

If a woman is on her back 10% of the time, what is a man bringing the other 90% of the time? But, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. This book provides tools for women to deal with the undertow that undermines the very thing they say they want.

By Chanda R. Mitchell

EBOOK/ISBN-ISBN-13: 978-0615739328
USD: $14.99/CAD: $17.99

ON SALE: April 1, 2021GENRE: Nonfiction/Personal Growth/Self-Improvement/Spiritual Growth



The 10 Sneakiest Warning Flag in Men’s Internet Dating Users

In an amazing dating online industry, the narcissists, commitment-phobes or undesirables would designate on their own as a result as part of the kinds. But since that credibility would wreck their unique possibilities of encounter mates, the two cover their own unappealing qualities—or at least they feel they actually do. You questioned internet dating coaches to reveal the almost-undetectable indicators that you must not make use of a particular companion. Place only one red-flag amidst an otherwise exceptional account? Then he’s almost certainly worth no less than a message. Witness several of this underneath, though, and you’ll should continue clicking.

1. He has singular picture. “If he could ben’t willing to create most footage, he may staying concealing things about his appearance, often his or her era or body weight,” claims Virginia Roberts, an online dating coach in Seattle. Or it could actually signal some thing much problematic if pageis also reduced on written info, warnings Laurie Davis, creator of online dating sites consultancy eFlirt Knowledgeable and author of like @ very first push: He may end up being having online dating sites severely if he isn’t investing lots of time to his or her page.

2. he or she didn’t publish a biography. Most web based internet dating sites allow you place to convey more about on your own, in addition to responding to the contour concerns and prompts. “Should your fit disregarded this segment, once again, you must wonder if or not he’s actually searching for a relationship,” states Davis. While she accepts it complicated to finish this part, Davis warns, “if you’re unable to really feel a hookup along with his profile, it may be difficult to think drawn to your offline.

3. this individual portrays on his own as “loyal” and “dependable.” “they’re aspects of that you just should not need guarantee individuals from the get-go,” states Roberts. “Specifically contacting aside these features can signal that you’re not.” Don’t instantly disregard the possibility complement; instead, go ahead with care, proposes Roberts. “if somebody looks nice and decent through the rest of their profile, it is possible he received terrible creating information from somebody.”

4. he’s a list of properties for his or her best friend. He wants someone that wants hiking, spending time with family, canines (specifically their two black color labs), nonfiction, the hills across the coastline, vacationing in foreign countries and trying brand new foods. Not too he is particular or all. Lengthy details “usually indicate that the match has received countless negative experiences—and likely a dreadful divorce—so he is aiming to shun these problems later on,” claims Davis. In the long run, but Davis says the perhaps the minimum egregious associated with the red flags. You are getting a glimpse of his own luggage, she states, and everyone features baggage.

5. The guy employs terminology like can not, is not going to, must not, weren’t able to, will not and don’t. He is doingnot want lady that is effective very long hours. She must not have actually pets. This individual can’t stand discussing national politics. A cousin for the prior red flag, a thorough listing of negative declarations could program the dater is set within his means. Still, do not necessarily steer clear of this people. “some people read in a different way regarding webpage from what they’re physically,” claims Davis. One number of emails can provide a clearer feeling of his flexibility.

6. he is very flirtatious or erotic. Davis states it is a major red-flag. “lingo is often an indication of somebody’s correct hopes, hence over-sexualizing a public page indicates she isn’t discerning and will feel one-track minded.” Roberts believes, stating that form of member profile is definitely “basically flirting with anyone that finds him,” which isn’t going to produce a woman feel special. Additionally, it can indicate he doesn’t discover how to connect with ladies or pursue a relationship obviously, contributes Roberts.

7. they would like a woman whom “takes good care of by herself.” Interpretation: they need a girl with a fit figure, states Davis. Or it may possibly suggest this individual wants females just who appreciate dressing up-and utilizing make-up. When you compose him away, Roberts recommends looking at the remainder of his own profile. Possesses the guy given a body kind he is looking? Are actually their photos every one your carrying out productive matter? If that’s the case, contemplate in the event that’s in accordance with your life style and the solution in a match.

8. a lot of his or her lines start with “I.” It may indicate this dude is entirely self-absorbed. Whereas, “I” would be the simplest way to share your self into the communicative section of an online relationship shape. Very focus on the setting and perhaps the “I” words seem like bragging. Otherwise, Roberts states, “this way more informing whether his eyes happens to be equal in information in addition, on genuine schedules together with you.”

9. You understand the key reason why his own final union failed. “Divorcees, for example, frequently feel the need to divulge data inside matrimony,” talks about Davis. This may be a symbol that the company’s latest commitment finished recently, and he may possibly not be as willing to go forward when he believes. But don’t discount him or her over just suggest. Roberts says numerous on line daters make the mistake of pointing out an ex or a trait the two did not enjoy in a past relationship inside their profile. The warning sign try many reference and extortionate specifics.

10. He states he’s “nothing like other guys.” Comparing himself to other men many times in his member profile might an indication of low self-esteem, maybe from too little matchmaking opportunities. Davis furthermore warns, “featuring which he’s ‘not like people’ could indicate the man keeps himself in highest respect and expects that rub their vanity.” Roberts shows an individual strike up a discussion if you https://besthookupwebsites.net/escort/north-las-vegas/ prefer an additional areas of his or her shape and enquire your to spell it out themselves. If this individual will continue to pay attention to reviews to rest, then don’t pursue him.

What About the Other 90%??

What's Inside?

  • An understanding of why women choose the men they choose
  • The purpose for which a woman was created
  • A little about Chanda’s life
  • Insight into the basic needs of a woman
  • How powerful a man can be in a woman’s life


When Chanda Mitchell told me that she was going to write a book on the 90% that women are missing out on from men, I was intrigued by the title, “What About the Other 90%?” I thought the title was extremely thought provoking and the question needed to be asked and addressed and answered and not by a man but by another woman who’s been living it out in real time.

In our society we desperately need women authors to rise up and speak to the heart of where their readers live through every day and bring answers to the table that make sense.

Wray Wade
City Council Member at City of Longview

Ms. Mitchell was a welcoming addition to my media team during my re-election campaign for Longview City Council. Most recently she assisted me with interviews with a local television station, which went incredibly well.

Haley Brooke Griffin
Owner of DuBeck& Co

Awesome program! They really helped me with business ideas and even gained business for me. Great experience with Momentum Builders, LLC..

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