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What About the Other 90%??

If a woman is on her back 10% of the time, what is a man bringing the other 90% of the time? But, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. This book provides tools for women to deal with the undertow that undermines the very thing they say they want.

By Chanda R. Mitchell

EBOOK/ISBN-ISBN-13: 978-0615739328
USD: $14.99/CAD: $17.99

ON SALE: April 1, 2021GENRE: Nonfiction/Personal Growth/Self-Improvement/Spiritual Growth



Donaˆ™t feel weaˆ™re the only person who are able to question the tough queries.

Thereaˆ™s a superb line you will need to discover if you are the main one to request understanding. On one section of the series, heaˆ™s the best. On the other side, itaˆ™s fairly tough to keep your value for him or her.

Check With Him Yourself

Nevertheless, nearly you girls want men to brush usa off the foot, thereaˆ™s little with regards to the passage of time which able to adjust men whoaˆ™s dragging his. But donaˆ™t just take that to mean itaˆ™s OK to propose to him. Far away from they. Ladies be capable of encourage men with techniques that visually show they trust his management. Itaˆ™s definitely something to inquire of your to marry a person, quite another to ask him just what this individual plans for the connection exactly where there is he or she plans to turn it.

Appealing to the top in a man enjoys a profound approach to affecting his habit and preferences. Thataˆ™s how Abigail reached David, a guy on a mission to kill her foolish husband, Nabal (1 Samuel 25). She realized that these bloodshed would be devastating for Davidaˆ™s career and job. Very she pertaining to him as master, exclaiming,

After Lord is doing for simple excel at every good thing the man offered concerning him and also appointed him or her chief over Israel, my professional would not have on his own mindful the astonishing weight of needless bloodshed or of experiencing avenged themselves. Then when god has taken my own master achievements, bear in mind their servant.

This lady knowledge is significantly recognized. Just has David do an about-face, God hit the wicked Nabal inactive and Abigail became Davidaˆ™s spouse.

So long as you donaˆ™t experience the advantageous asset of some body inquiring in your stead, you can nonetheless interest the man you’re seeing like Abigail has with David. You’ll talk to clarifying questions, not making relationship-defining statements. aˆ?Where would you see united states oriented in the next annum?aˆ? is far more appealing than, aˆ?I reckon we need to decide if weaˆ™re going to get partnered or otherwise not. And soon.aˆ?

I inquired Steve to establish our relationship. aˆ?Chatting about how need joined,aˆ? we said.

We believed it was an all-or-nothing proposition as there was clearly a good chance Iaˆ™d walk off with little. But my favorite want really was union, and spending time as buddies forever ended up beingnaˆ™t going to get me personally any closer to that calling.

Thankfully, they ended up better yet than Iaˆ™d anticipated. After investing that morning aside praying (at Steveaˆ™s tip), Steve stepped up and made his own hopes recognized. aˆ?Letaˆ™s call this the goals,aˆ? this individual claimed. And 6 months later the guy stepped-up once again when he asked me to wed him or her.

In conjunction with cinema happen to be courses, media reports, airways of Scripture, sermons, songs lyrics, travels traditions, family members images; checklist really is limitless. Itaˆ™s never shameful to need knowing, in a dating partnership, wherein things have the potential of supposed. However weaˆ™ll would you like to push abstraction awake respectfully (aˆ?precisely what not saying About Marriageaˆ?) becoming sensitive to your very own timeline (avoid the urge determine your for a tuxedo in your basic time), but to prevent yourself from the topic entirely, within community, are ridiculous.

They ought to know you simply bring a lot ability to render your things the guy appreciates concerning your connection (within biblical details) while he determines in the event that youaˆ™re one. It ought tonaˆ™t embark on indefinitely.

Enroll Allow

An additional day, a womanaˆ™s dad had been in charge of learning just what a manaˆ™s blueprints happened to be for his or her daughter. And he generally questioned in the beginning aˆ” not just a long time into aˆ” the connection. Practical question, aˆ?What are the intentions for your loved one?aˆ? and exactly how a people resolved they, poised objectives all-around. There were tiny uncertainty about the spot that the partnership would be lead.

That dialogue between pop and partner is definitely just about unheard-of right. But what lady wouldnaˆ™t appreciate creating it questioned of their man by people? If only Iaˆ™d idea of this back when Steve and that I happened to be in relational limbo. I suppose if Iaˆ™d believed to enquire the teachers to sit down and have now a heart-to-heart with Steve about our very own commitment, they can has. It’ll have reserved me being forced to query him or her myself personally a few weeks after.

What About the Other 90%??

What's Inside?

  • An understanding of why women choose the men they choose
  • The purpose for which a woman was created
  • A little about Chanda’s life
  • Insight into the basic needs of a woman
  • How powerful a man can be in a woman’s life


When Chanda Mitchell told me that she was going to write a book on the 90% that women are missing out on from men, I was intrigued by the title, “What About the Other 90%?” I thought the title was extremely thought provoking and the question needed to be asked and addressed and answered and not by a man but by another woman who’s been living it out in real time.

In our society we desperately need women authors to rise up and speak to the heart of where their readers live through every day and bring answers to the table that make sense.

Wray Wade
City Council Member at City of Longview

Ms. Mitchell was a welcoming addition to my media team during my re-election campaign for Longview City Council. Most recently she assisted me with interviews with a local television station, which went incredibly well.

Haley Brooke Griffin
Owner of DuBeck& Co

Awesome program! They really helped me with business ideas and even gained business for me. Great experience with Momentum Builders, LLC..

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